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✨ Intro

Nucleus UI is inspired by open sources like Bootstrap, Chakra UI, and many others. Unlike those open sources, which are for developers, we want to build something similar for designers—something foundational and essential to help designers jump-start their work.

Nucleus is not

❌ a UI Kit with a specific theme or industry. Nucleus is designed to be neutral and adjustable based on your needs.

❌ a design system. A clear standard and some rules should guide a Design system in a particular product–and we don't do that. However, you can use Nucleus as a design system starter.

Nucleus is

✅ a component library that works as building blocks for you to design user interface or build prototype with speed.

🧰 Features

✅ 348 reusable components (including variants)

✅ 50+ component categories (Buttons, Switches, Text fields, and many more)

✅ 36 screens examples

✅ Light & dark mode

✅ Built with style library, constraints, variants, and auto-layout